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Duncan Storey - Director and Consulting Hydrogeologist Duncan Storey – Director and Consulting Hydrogeologist

Duncan is a Hydrogeologist with over 25 years of experience in both technical and management roles.  He is the founding Director and a Consulting Hydrogeologist with AQ2.

Duncan has particular experience with the mining sector on projects for dewatering, water supply and environmental assessment and compliance. Duncan has worked on mining projects at all stages of development from Review and Due Diligence through Scoping and Pre Feasibility to Detailed Design.  He has been responsible for the groundwater aspects of some of the most challenging projects developed in Western Australia since 2000 where his role has spanned project direction and management to technical lead and field supervision.  Duncan has also helped operating mines successfully respond to changes in dewatering and water supply needs and in environmental compliance.

Prior to starting AQ2, Duncan was one of the founding Directors of Aquaterra, an international water resources consultancy formed in Perth in 1998. Aquaterra grew to over 100 people and the RPS group acquired it in 2010.  His early career started with hydrogeological and artificial recharge studies in Oman and Pakistan.  Duncan has a BSc and MSc in geosciences from the UK and an MBA from Australia.  When he is not being a hydrogeologist, Duncan spends as much time as possible trying to defy the ageing process – keeping active cycling up mountains in the summer and skiing down them in the winter.

Jon Hall – Consulting HydrogeologistJon Hall

Jon is a Hydrogeologist with over 35 years in mine water management consulting. He has local, national and international experience in all aspects of mine water management including mine dewatering/depressurisation, water supply, seepage management and integrated water management.  He has worked on projects throughout Australia, in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America at all levels from field supervision, specialist technical input and project management and direction.   Over the last 15 years he has also been commissioned by many international mining companies to provide high level technical and due diligence reviews relating to open pit and underground mine inflow control, dewatering and depressurisation.

Prior to joining AQ2 in August 2018, Jon was a founding director of Aquaterra, an international consultancy formed in 1998, which he helped to grow to over 100 professional staff before it became part of the RPS Group in 2010.  He continued with RPS as Technical Director – Mining and Senior Principal, until leaving to join AQ2.  His early career included a brief period as a mine geologist in South Australia and then four years as a hydrogeologist with the Geological Survey of WA, before starting his consulting career with Australian Groundwater Consultants in 1983.

Jeff Jolly – Consulting HydrogeologistJeff Jolly - Consulting Hydrogeologist

Jeff is a Hydrogeologist with over 30 years experience in both technical and management roles.  He is a Consulting Hydrogeologist with AQ2.

For most of his career, Jeff has been a consultant hydrogeologist, based in Africa and Australia and working internationally.  For the last 14 years, he has been extensively involved in hydrogeological work for the mining industry in Western Australia, Mongolia and parts of Africa. He has expertise in all aspects of mine water management, including water supply, dewatering and impact assessments.  He has particular experience of managing hydrogeological assessments linked to approvals for new mining projects and new phases of existing projects.

Prior to AQ2, Jeff has been a partner in Groundwater Consulting Services in South Africa, where he ran the Cape Town office,  and a principal and manager in Aquaterra and subsequently RPS . His early career started in the public sector undertaking water supply studies in South Africa, while also being involved in assessing the impacts that landfills (waste disposal sites) have on the adjacent aquifer systems.  Jeff has an MSc in Hydrogeology from Rhodes University in South Africa.  Jeff manages the stress of hydrogeological consulting through the careful combination of  wine, surf, golf and tennis.

Kathryn Rozlapa – Consulting Modeller and HydrogeologistConsulting Numerical Modeller

Kathryn is a Consulting Groundwater Modeller/Hydrogeologist with AQ2 and has over 20 years of technical experience.

Kathryn has consulted to the resources sector on projects for dewatering, water supply, depressurisation, mine closure, environmental assessment and water-reinjection. Kathryn under-takes all aspects of groundwater modelling ranging from the early stages of model development through to technical direction and model peer review for projects at all stages of development from Pre-Feasibility to Detailed Design. She has delivered projects ranging from large regional models with complex ground, surface and plant water interaction to mine-scale evaluation of depressurisation and pore-pressure. She is especially skilled in ensuring appropriate numerical representation of a conceptual model using Modflow/SURFACT, ModHDMS and Feflow. Kathryn has also delivered groundwater modelling-training with the University of Technology Sydney and Rio Tinto.

Prior to joining AQ2, Kathryn was one of the original members of Aquaterra.  Kathryn began her career in Perth and after joining Aquaterra was involved in groundwater modelling studies across Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.   Kathryn has a BEng (Environmental, UWA) and MEng (Groundwater Management, UTS).

Mark Nicholls – Consulting Water Resources Engineerman2

Mark is a Consulting Water Resources Engineer with AQ2, who has 10 years of technical experience in engineering design and water-resources modelling for the resources industry.

Mark has consulted to the mining sector on engineering design projects for pit dewatering, water supply, water management (including aquifer reinjection, water reuse and discharge), flood protection and surface water management systems. Mark has under-taken all aspects of design ranging from high level conceptual designs, through feasibility assessments, detailed engineering design and assistance wit
h tendering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Mark has delivered projects ranging from large, whole mine site water supply and dewatering systems, through to smaller camp water supplies. Mark also provides hydrology services to the industry including hydrology impact assessments and 1D-2D surface water models. Mark is also skilled in developing water balance models using software such as GoldSim and EXCEL, to meet project and client requirements.

Prior to joining AQ2, Mark began his career in Perth with Aquaterra and RPS, where he was involved in engineering design and surface water assessment projects across Australia, Africa and the UK. Key clients that Mark has worked for include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Wolf Minerals.  Mark has a BEng (Environmental, UWA) and BCom (Management, UWA).  Outside of work, Mark is a keen field-hockey and cricket player.

Brieland Jones – Consulting Water Resources EngineerBrieland

Brieland has over 5 years experience in water resources engineering and management, having performed technical design work in the U.S, South America and Africa.  Brieland recently joined AQ2 from the United States, where he worked with local and regional municipalities in developing innovative engineering strategies to mitigate the effects of combined sewer (sanitary and stormwater) overflows, which included developing of monitoring programs, design of drainage networks and the piloting of low-impact development systems.  Brieland has additional expertise in catchment delineation, monitoring of surface and piped-flow, hydraulic and hydrological modelling using various software programs, and project management.  Outside of work, Brieland enjoys woodworking, anything outdoors and spending time with wife, son and two dogs.

At AQ2, Brieland has been involved in projects relating to surface water monitoring, water balance studies, and mine dewatering systems for clients including BHP and Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd.   Brieland holds degrees in Biological Sciences (BSci), Natural Resource Management (MSci), and Environmental Engineering (MEng).

Emma Bolton – Consulting Hydrogeologistphoto-ejb

Emma has over 20 years consulting experience in hydrogeological and environmental projects in Australia, Europe and Africa. She has  worked in Western Australia since 1994, on water supply, dewatering, environmental impact assessment and water/environmental management projects for mining and infrastructure. She has worked on projects from field level to overall project management and direction. Her key skills include water supply development and source management, mine and construction dewatering and depressurisation, catchment management and artificial recharge investigations, groundwater modelling and project management.

Prior to joining AQ2, Emma was one of the founding members of Aquaterra. She works as a project director and lead technical hydrogeologist predominantly on water supply, dewatering and water resource management projects in Western Australia. Her roles include the design and management of exploration programs and the development and installation of construction and mine water supplies as well as dewatering and depressurisation systems. Her skills combine both hydrogeological and groundwater modelling expertise, with involvement on both office-based projects and remote field programs.

Emma has a BSc in geology and MSc in hydrogeology from the UK (UCL and University of Birmingham respectively). Outside of work, Emma is kept busy by her family, while trying to stay fit.

Basia Kozikowska – Consulting HydrogeologistBasia 3

Basia is a Hydrogeologist with 10 years‘ experience in all aspects of hydrogeology, covering mine and municipal water supply, mine dewatering, aquifer characterization, impact assessments geothermal and managed aquifer recharge. She has undertaken and managed numerous projects in Australia and the UK for government, mining and land-development clients involving groundwater desktop study, site investigation, drilling, geophysical logging, well design and installation, aquifer testing, groundwater modelling, groundwater sampling and monitoring, field-based water quality analysis, hydrogeological reporting, and groundwater licence reporting and approvals. Basia has worked on mining projects at all stages of development from greenfield to active mine sites.

Additionally, she has been involved in a number of pre-feasibility studies for shallow geothermal heat pump and heat reinjection projects in the Perth Basin region used primarily for space heating and the cooling of buildings for public and private clients. She has also conducted sampling and monitoring and completed annual monitoring reviews of the shallow geothermal systems.

Prior to joining AQ2, Basia began her career in the UK, where she was working as an Environmental Consultant/Hydrogeologist for Subadra Consulting Ltd dealing with contaminated land and water investigation projects throughout the UK. In early 2008, she moved to Perth and worked for 8 years for hydrogeological consultancy – Rockwater Ltd. Basia has a MSc in Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering from Poland. Outside work Basia loves spending time with her family, planning next travel trips, going scuba diving, playing volleyball and tennis.

Orla Harte – Consulting Water Resources EngineerOH_photo1

Orla is a Water Resources Engineer with AQ2, who has over 7 years of technical experience in engineering design and water-resources modelling for the resources industry, undertaking water infrastructure design, flood management and surface water management projects. Her involvement with water system design projects has included the design and reviews of pipelines, pumping systems and water storage for water supply, mine dewatering, groundwater injection and dust suppression schemes. She has also completed water balance models for sizing of storage areas and drought proofing water supply systems. For surface water projects, Orla has been involved with catchment definitions, calculations for modelling runoff rates and flood volumes, diversion options, water balance models for lakes, dams and pits and surface water modelling (1D and 2D).

Prior to joining AQ2, Orla began her career in Perth with Aquaterra and RPS, where she was involved in engineering design and surface water assessment projects across Australia and Africa. Key clients that Orla has worked for include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Boddington Gold Mine.  Orla has a BEng (Civil Engineering). Outside of work, Orla enjoys keeping fit, being outdoors and keeping up to date with Perth’s newest bars and restaurants.

Garth Cooper – Consulting Hydrogeologist and ModellerGarth_C

Garth is a consulting groundwater modeller/hydrogeologist with AQ2 and has over 7 years of technical experience.

Garth started his career with Rio Tinto as a hydrogeologist and has been involved in all aspects of mine hydrogeology from design and management of exploration programs to implementation of dewatering bore fields across Rio Tinto Iron Ore in Western Australia. More recently, Garth’s career has been focused on groundwater modelling, where he has been involved in all aspects of groundwater modelling ranging, from order of magnitude studies through to detailed design. He is skilled in all types of groundwater modelling including Modflow/Surfact and FEFLOW.

Garth has a BEng (Civil Engineering, UNSW), BSc (Mathematics, UNSW) and MEngSci (Water Resources, UNSW). Outside work, Garth gets involved in many DIY projects, cycling, bushwalking and the occasional overseas trip.

Alex Storey – Technician

Alex is a technician with AQ2 with experience in GIS, geological modelling and hydrogeological instrumentation and data management.   Alex provides office and field support on AQ2 projects and has worked on a range of projects for clients throughout Western Australia and Africa.

Alex is also completing a degree in Geosciences.  When not at work or university, he can usually be found surfing.

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