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Extra Value from Compliance Reports

August 4, 2014


Operational Value from Compliance Reviews

Periodic compliance reporting is one of the conditions of many groundwater abstraction licences.  Typically, compliance reports include the volume of groundwater abstracted, the resulting effect on groundwater levels, groundwater quality and a comparison of these against licensed conditions.  In Western Australia, for example, reporting requirements are outlined in the Department of Water’s Operational Policy No.5.12 and they have variously been called Wellfield Assessments, Annual Aquifer Reviews and Groundwater Monitoring Reports.

Operational Value

However, over and beyond maintaining an abstraction licence or a component of social licence, there is often the opportunity to use a compliance review to add operational value.  We believe there is often the opportunity to review the data from an operational perspective with potential benefits for costs and risk management. Read more

The story behind AQ2

July 22, 2014


AQ2….Our PhilosophyKarijini National Park

AQ2 is an independent water resources consultancy based in Perth.  We provide technical services and develop applied solutions for groundwater and surface water resource management.  AQ2 was founded in 2013 and originated in the concept of returning to the fundamentals of professional advice – of focus and specialisation, of quality and of value.


In 1998, the team at AQ2 were part of a group that established another boutique water resources consultancy in Perth. The underpinning aims of that business were similar to those of AQ2 – to provide cost-effective and practical solutions for water resources management in the resources industry.

That business was successful and by the time it was acquired by a multi-national in 2010, it had grown to over 100 people with offices in Australia, north Asia and Europe.  The origins of AQ2 lie in rekindling the simple but successful formula that underpinned our ancestor-business –working with clients to deliver practical solutions to the water resource issues their projects faced and doing it efficiently. Read more

Peak Water…….are we running out of water

August 11, 2013


Peak Water…Are we running out of Groundwater?

Peak Oil has generated headlines since American geologist M King-Hubbert first developed the concept in 1956.  In recent years, spurred on by fears of carbon-induced climate change and dwindling oil-resources, we have begun to develop alternatives to oil.  However, in an article, Lester Brown of the Earth Resources Institute argues that the real threat to our future is Peak Water. There are substitutes for oil, but not for water. We can produce food without oil, but not without water. Read more

Water in Mining Guideline – Western Australia

August 5, 2013



Western Australia’s Water in Mining Guideline

The Western Australian Department of Water recently published a new guide outlining the approval process related to water management for mining projects in Western Australia – Western Australian water in mining guideline, May 2013.

The guide applies statewide and outlines how the Department of Water (DoW) will regulate the management of water resources for a mining project (principally by the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914).

DoW advocates a consultative approach and encourages preliminary discussions with the proponent very early in the mining project.  The guide also provides advice on the key issues and information related to water that maybe required as part of the approval process.  These include water supply and dewatering requirements, mine water balance and management plans for any excess water and key water-dependent environmental receptors that may be affected by the proposed mine.  DoW advocates flexibility in determining the important water management issues for each specific mining project. Read more